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Movies Routes

You can either query by the iMDB ID of a movie or by a movie title string. If you query by title string, you can add ?title=true to the end of the query to get a movie that matches the title string. Title needs to be precise or else you’ll get a movie you don’t expect or a 404.

Terminal window
GET /api/omdb/movies/:imdbId


Terminal window
GET /api/omdb/movies/:titleString?title=true


Possible SDL

type Data {
Title: String
Year: String
Rated: String
Released: String
Runtime: String
Genre: String
Director: String
Writer: String
Actors: String
Plot: String
Language: String
Country: String
Awards: String
Poster: String
Metascore: String
imdbRating: String
imdbVotes: String
imdbID: String
Type: String
DVD: String
BoxOffice: String
Production: String
Website: String
Response: String
Ratings: [Ratings ]
type Ratings {
Source: String
Value: String
type MovieMeta {
data: Data